Project “Swinging Order», 2008

“Swinging Order” consists of a three-minute, computer-generated animated film, which is backed by an electronic soundtrack. These are accompanied by twenty-four computer-generated paintings of various dimensions, which are printed on aluminum panels using a special technique.

The project “Swinging Order” refers to the seeming law-like regularity in the appearances of things, to the laws of nature inherent in things. “Swinging Order” illustrates our constantly changing perspective on the world, depending on the respective order of the laws of nature that have been discovered. The continual change in our viewpoint is influenced by the state of our knowledge about the world and our consciousness.

The work conceives of a world in transition, from emergence and development to blossoming and then death. In its substance, “Swinging Order” corresponds to the investigations of modern physics and, like a seismograph, visually displays the molecular wealth and universal expansion, up to artificial imagined paradises of the future.

Text: Maya von Moos

Title: Swinging Order
Year: 2008
Length: 3 min.
Technique: computer-generated in 3D, with sound, 16:9 PAL
Edition of 5