Project “Me - The Nashorn», 2003

With the computer-generated animation “Me - The Nashorn” (as with the animations “I'm so innocent” and “Hey, I'm Helen”), film and sculpture are juxtaposed for the first time. The sculpture, likewise computer-generated and subsequently produced in a rapid prototyping process, shows a static moment in the unstoppable flow of the filmed movements. The sculpture's timelessness, its state of near closure, stands in contrast to the lively action of the film, which reveals the hidden life of the sculpture.

The film “Me - The Nashorn” ponders the themes of tradition, power, war and destruction. In the sheer infinitude of the sky, in the realm above the clouds, a rhinoceros skull ironically suggests that everything has always been this way. It goes on to allude to conflicts of war and, becoming increasingly caught up in the experiences of its past, is eventually destroyed by its own memories and emotions. The supposedly solid order of its world disintegrates.

Text: Maya von Moos

Title: Me – The Nashorn
Year: 2003
Length: 1:20 min.
Technique: computer-generated in 3D, with sound, 16:9 PAL
Edition of 5