Project “Goldilock”, 2012

“Goldilock” addresses the prosperity of life and makes reference to the connection between the fertile Planet Earth and its position in the universe.

The Earth is located in what scientists refer to as a Goldilocks zone, a habitable zone in the cosmos with ideal conditions for the development of life. In our solar system, only Planet Earth orbits at just the right distance from the central star, the sun. On all the other planets, it is either too hot or too cold.

On one hand, “Goldilock” alludes to our prosperous yet endangered existence here on Earth and, on the other, seeks to open up perspectives on far-reaching realms where ideas and mental impulses for our future development can flourish.

The “Goldilock” project consists of film and picture panels.

Text: Maya von Moos

Title: Goldilock
Year: 2012
Length: 1:26 min.
Technique: computer-generated in 3D, with sound, 16:9 PAL
Edition of 1